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In January 2004 the company name was officially changed to DDB London, in line with the DDB network's decision to rebrand agencies it had acquired worldwide.

Cadbury-Schweppes moved to the new agency at its foundation.

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In 1977, the French advertising holding group Havas of France paid £1.5m for a 50% stake in BMP. In 1983, BMP floated on the London Stock Exchange valued at £16 million.

After a hostile bid by the French company BDDP, BMP was bought in 1989 for £125 million (0 million) by DDB Worldwide, part of Omnicom Group, the giant American marketing services holding company.

Heavily laden with spruce and pine trees, the mountains slopes display vivid shades of green and blue interlaced with the dark clearings of winter ski runs.

Over 30 other color combinations were also used throughout the years, many with the intention of echoing the natural elements of the area.

To achieve their trademark streaky effect, each piece of pottery was dipped into two different kinds of liquid glazes, which would cover tiny pores in the clay.Boase Massimi Pollitt (BMP) was a British advertising agency which traded between 19 before being renamed as DDB London.It was purchased in 1989 by the US marketing services conglomerate Omnicom.You should now see a silhouette of a person, with a button underneath that says ‘’Upload a photo.‘’ Clicking the button will open a window that will allow you to select your photo from where it is stored on your hard drive.Congratulations – you've just uploaded your first profile photo.Its lineage can be directly traced to today's agency operation Adam & Eve DDB London.


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