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If you've been divorced for just a few months, it's probably too soon to consider getting back together with your ex-husband.

Knowing his mistress will always be after him, I finalized my divorce and got sole custody of my son.

If my daughter has a fit, he will distract her onto something else. They're the last ones to be there in an emergency and the first ones to dodge anything that "smells" of commitment. If there's a problem, I can count on him to call me back. But in a day in which people would rather avoid getting too serious, he will do the hard work.3. I hear all the time from friends and strangers how God-awful their ex-husbands are. No, but for now at least, you can enjoy a cute face.5. Amongst the freaks online asking for foot slaves and sex slaves (yes, I've been asked to be both, and no, I never said yes), my ex is a normal guy who wants to watch football, hit a movie or great restaurant, and go to bed at a decent hour.

Losing my marriage helped me gain a new sense of self and forced me to grow faster than I wanted to, but I caught up. Sure, the thought of my daughter having a stepmother one day is a tough pill to swallow, but I can say wholeheartedly to the single women out there: You would be lucky to meet (and start dating) my ex. When moms share that their husbands have no clue how to handle the kids, my ex is the master at redirection.

Youthful sexuality is so much more intense that the ensuing biological connection is that much stronger and often the source of delightful erotic memories that strongly contribute to the experience of being in love.

Well, here is an outrageous thought: don't most ex-spouses fall into the category of childhood, or at least younger, sweethearts?


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