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I could go into greater detail regarding the application of the calculus on this subject, but cannot be fucked, and it is self explanitory.

Infact, anyone who has better things to do you should go and do them now. Utilitarianism The Utilitarian argument, or that of the early utilitarian thinkers like Jeremy Bentham, presents a strong case the ban of smoking in all public places.

Utilitarianism in a nutshell is concerned with giving the greatest amount of happiness to greatest amount of people and, as the name might suggest, is concerned with the , or usefulness of certain actions to obtain this goal.

If we were to apply these applications to the case of the non-smokers then there is a strong argument for the ban - the results for each application are positive, even that of fecundity (would it result in further happiness) as there is the chance that smokers will smoke less or perhaps even give up completely, giving them better health and more money.

The application of the hedonic calculus to the case of smokers does not present such a strong argument.


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