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Share images of the kids’ school plays, prom pictures or family outings right from your smartphone.

Your parents can enjoy the latest photos with a simple click of their TV remote.

It was a deliberate move by the streaming giant to put this very unusual show out there without explanation in the hope that viewers will catch on and discover it themselves.

Isaacs loved that idea, agreeing that “The OA” boldly subverts and even defies expectations.

Stop in to say hello, or have them virtually attend weddings, graduations, ball games and other family events. Staying connected and in touch with loved ones ensures that seniors don’t feel lonely or isolated.

With the photo sharing feature in Independa, your Mom or Dad never has to miss an important family moment.

If it works well, this is a smart upgrade from Paltalk's old system, which didn't work on Apple (AAPL) Macs, and required people to download and install special software to chat.

Now that most Mac computers come with a built-in Webcam, it's a no-brainer to extend support to them.

Does anyone know how should I proceed in order to use my camera's microphone? Select the webcam input and change the Profile below.

Install Pulse Audio Volume Control from Ubuntu Software Center or via Synaptic. In Skype call Echo/Sound test service, or call somebody, who is able to endure on line. During the session in Volume Control is visible what is recording.

Push button in upper right corner and choose your web camera microphone input from list.

Thanks, Pedro First check the input tab, if your webcam mic is there, select the radio button beside it. Then go into the input tab and select the radio button. Click button Open Pulse Audio Volume Control, it should be visible down (if not, open it clasically from menu).

If it is selected in the input tab, it should work in Skype. The problem is, that Skype doesn't know where to listen and there is no option how to say in Skype environment directly. Check if both three options (Microphone, Speakers, Ringing) has setted Pulse Audio Server (local). In opened Pulse Audio Volume Control application click tab Input devices and check, if microphone is functioning (it is visible on the horizontal scale). The page should be empty (no another device is recording).


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