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April Beyer is one of You Tube’s top dating coaches specifically for women looking to find men.

She focuses first on women learning to appreciate themselves for their notable qualities, and then teaches them how to let men be attracted to and adore those notable qualities.

Asked what kind of wedding he and Le will have, Bach told "In The Vault With Shanda Golden" (see video below): "Probably like a rock and roll wedding.

But I think we know where we're gonna do it." Sebastian went on to say that he and Le are "inseparable" and that she makes him "very happy." He then added: "You know what word I think is bullshit?

The fact that I am an amateur Margaret Mead with respect to the intensity of my interest in people watching (now with bonus speculation about their individual backstories!

) explains how I came to be sitting in a vegan anarchist coffee house idly musing about the love lives of my fellow patrons. He came in seconds after I did, made a beeline for an empty table, fished a book out of his bag, hunched himself over it (dude, you might need stronger glasses), didn’t even make eye contact with the server when he swung by to get take the order (which dude mumbled quietly while not even glancing up from his book).

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So forget what or the seduction/PUA community* would have you believe, here’s the straight scoop on interacting with women – road tested and double X approved. So you build model trains in your basement, sing in a barbershop quartet and stack all your produce alphabetically in the fridge? Did you star in three of this year’s top-grossing box office hits? You will need to engage them in conversation, or at the very least eye contact.

I think it's a stupid, bullshit word." Bach then offered some practical dating advice to couples who are just getting to know each other. Because I have a relationship that is fully trusting, fully whole.

And she's, like, 'Me too, dude.' I don't buy that word.

I used to think that happy couples didn’t have to work on their marriages. We’re looking forward to sharing all we have to offer and I hope you will take advantage of the free resources that are available to you for Catholic Marriage Week.

The happiest of couples are those who make their marriage a priority and are committed to improving their relationship, in big and small ways, day in and day out. This issue will offer practical dating advice to help Catholic singles prepare for marriage and it will provide resources to help support Catholic couples in existing marriages. I also am happy to announce that I will be speaking at the World Meeting of Families with Brian Barcaro, CEO of Catholic and founder of the Catholic Match Institute, and Robyn Lee, managing editor of the Catholic Match Institute.


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